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              Affiliates Marketing Program

              LifeLock is a leader in identity theft protection.Members can rest easier knowing that we're working to help protect them from identity theft. Our development team works tirelessly creating new tools to help consumers safeguard their finances and good names.

              Partner with LifeLock – Start Earning Today

              SIGN UP

              Start your affiliate partnership in one single step by simply filling out our online enrollment form.

              PROMOTE LIFELOCK

              Once you have an affiliate account, you can start promoting LifeLock with our high-converting creative assets.

              EARN COMMISSIONS

              Every time your referral becomes a LifeLock member,you will earn a commission.

              Start Making Money Today

              Why Work with LifeLock?

              Access to exclusive customer promotions

              Customized creative to suit your site

              Dedicated affiliate account manager

              Multiple products with varied price points

              Online access to updated performance stats

              Generous payouts


              Free Identity Protection Guide when you sign up for LifeLock emails.

              We use the information you provide in accordance with our privacy policy.